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Description: Foundation Art is a course designed to introduce a wide variety of artistic mediums and to promote there use toward an expanded ability to explore communication and individual expression. The course encompasses specific topics and methods in drawing, painting, print-making, photography, ceramics, sculpture and art history. Through hands-on activity and group discussion students develop the vocabulary as well as the means to produce and interpret the world around them.

Topics covered: Drawing (still-life and figurative), painting (water-color and oil), print-making (intaglio, mono printing and  silk-screen), photography (box camera design and construction), ceramics (hand-building and wheel throwing), sculpture (clay and plaster construction), art history (slides, video and lectures), digital imaging and multimedia application.

Expectations: The course is designed to expose and nurture students interest in art by learning specific skills associated with a variety of artistic mediums. It is the desire of the art department that the student end the course with an overall appreciation and understanding of art and that the student will select additional course-work in one or more of the studio courses offered at Landon.

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