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PowerPoint Presentation #2 

Complete multimedia!  Spring term

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Select an artist and/or period that was NOT represented first semester, or propose a  professional artist of your choice (visual only) to Mr. Zimmer.  Please limit your selection of artists and/or periods to 1850 - 2002.   Prepare a 10 -15 minute PowerPoint presentation that includes: non-linear progression (buttons), sound, video, hyperlinks, images, and text that goes beyond simple appropriation from the Internet.  Your presentation should include significant names and dates, brief descriptions of the artist's technique, and important finished works.  Inform Mr. Zimmer of your topic BEFORE starting research.

Incorporate the following (any order):

Start early and good luck!

Topics to choose from:

  1. Expressionism
  2. Cubism 
  3. Pop Art 
  4. Romanticism 
  5. Honore Daumier
  6. Francisco Goya
  7. Joseph W. Turner 
  8. Edouard Manet 
  9. Auguste Renoir
  10. Edgar Degas
  11. Mary Cassatt
  12. Thomas Eakins
  13. Auguste Rodin (sculptor)
  14. Paul Cezanne
  15. Georges Seurat
  16. Vincent Van Gogh
  17. Paul Gauguin
  18. Henri Rousseau
  19. Marcel Ducamp
  20. Alberto Giacometti / sculptor
  21. Andy Warhol
  22. Mark Rothko
  23. Willem De Kooning
  24. Jackson Pollock
  25. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner 
  26. Henri Matisse
  27. Joseph Beuys (German performance artist - highly recommended!) Beuys resources
  28. Edward Hopper
  29. Leonardo da Vinci
  30. Albrecht Durer

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