Foundation Art
Assignment #5
Photography Project: Pinhole Camera

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Project:  Design and construct a pinhole camera (see classroom demonstration).  Utilizing your knowledge of the darkroom, camera and exposure produce a series of images (more than one) that best depicts your personality in graphic form (see examples below).  Consider using props like trees, cars and clothing to better inform the viewer and make your image dynamic and interesting.  Fully explore the possibilities of a 20-40sec. exposure time!  Try moving in short controlled ways.  Produce three images that will be turned in: one negative, one positive and one solarized print (solarization will be demonstrated in class).  Time permitting, produce a forth print that incorporates color into the overall composition (hand-coloring, also demonstrated in class).

Scale: any scale (defined by paper size and box size, possibilities are endless!)

          Note:  narrow boxes will produce a wide angle image while long (large) boxes
          will produce a more telephoto type image.

Medium:  photography

Grading Criteria: 




Solarized print

Solarized print

Dynamic vantage point

Excellent use of time exposure! 10 seconds in one position and
 another 10 in another position.

Positive created with Photoshop (action: image/adjust/invert),
then applied duotone color effect (action: image/mode/duotone).

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