Mr. Zimmer's grading standards

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90’s    The student does excellent work in every respect, showing exceptional originality and creativity, coupled with extraordinary execution and craftsmanship. He/she grasps the concepts and fulfills the goals and objectives of each assignment while turning out works that are truly his/her own. His/her attitude, effort, and work habits are all exemplary.
80's The student does good, solid work. He/she shows above-average creativity and executes his projects with more-than-competent craftsmanship. If he is not innately skilled in art, he makes up for it with extra effort. (If he/she is naturally talented, however, he/she may not be trying as hard as he/she could.) H/shee follows instruction and shows a sound grasp of the objectives, goals, and concepts behind each assignment.
70's The student does adequate work. His/her projects reveal some imagination, and his/her execution is competent. His/her skill or effort (not both) may be below average. He/she finishes most assignments in a satisfactory fashion.




The student offers poor effort, unfinished work, and inadequate understanding. His/her production is inconsistent and poorly crafted.

The student fails to turn in ANY work and has a number of unexcused absences.

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