Foundation Art
Art Assignment #4

Large watercolor - applied color theory

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Project:  Apply your knowledge of color theory to create a maximum sense of depth and pleasing overall structure to a large scale watercolor image.  Begin with a digital self-portrait and considering using Adobe Photoshop, or other graphics program, to manipulate and alter your image.  Incorporate images and effects that create an autobiographic quality to your image.   The digital version of your image will then be projected on a large screen monitor (18" x 24") and then quickly traced and transferred to a large piece of watercolor paper.  You will then apply your knowledge of color theory, using watercolor, to create a maximum sense of depth and pleasing structure to a finished piece of  work.   Remember that saturated colors advance and tints recede.  Also, consider the fact that warm colors (red, yellow, orange) tend to advance, while cool colors (blue, green, violet) recede.

Scale: 18" x  24"
Medium:  watercolor

Specific Grading Criteria:  


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