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Basic Photography

The following course description and projects are associated with a course,
Photography, taught by Mr. Zimmer.

Course description: This course is designed to explore the use of a camera and darkroom as a means of artistic expression and observation. Students will achieve a working knowledge of the darkroom, a fully manual 35mm camera and digital graphic techniques (basic Photoshop).  Students are also encouraged to articulate their ideas in group critique sessions. Upon completion of the course, students should possess the practical skills to produce expressive images and have an increased awareness of art and it's power.


Assignment sheets (select link for detail view):

Each project requires students to produce six images that fulfill the basic criteria of the assignment.  Students also take a vocabulary test about two weeks into the semester.  In addition to project grades and the vocabulary test, students are required to produce and deliver an art history presentation that relates to a professional photographer; students are then tested on information presented and discussed.


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