PowerPoint Presentation
for Mr. Zimmer's Photography Class

Choose one of the following artist, research their work, and prepare a short presentation (using Google slides, PowerPoint or any other presentation software). 

When finished, please e-mail your presentation to Mr. Zimmer -- Austin.Zimmer@formanschool.org

You will ALSO deliver the presentation online during class time.  Mr. Zimmer will provide detailed instructions on how to use Zoom to deliver the presentation.  He will also produce a 'how to' video and send it out via e-mail.

Please incorporate:

  • 6-10 images that best illustrate the artist's work
  • Significant names, dates and vocabulary
  • Significant information associated with each image (size, building method, firing technique)
  • Be sure to identify central themes (i.e. ideas) and concepts illustrated by the work

Photographers and possible topics:

Robert Frank - photographs that demonstrate our common humanity through images of various cultures eating, dancing, singing, etc.
Henri Cartier-Bresson -
the father of the "decisive-moment" approach to photography
Paul Strand - pioneer of straight photography
Annie Leibovitz - portraits of famous people (photographer for Rolling Stone and Vogue)
Edward Weston - produced magnificent pictures of primarily buildings and nature
The History of the SnapShot
Berenice Abbott
- architectural studies of New York City in the 1930s
Ansel Adams
- landscape photography
Diane Arbus - portraits of people outside the mainstream of society
Bill Brandt - surrealist and working class imagery, British, 1930-60
Harry Callahan - formalistic, minimalist portraits and landscapes
Roy DeCarava - documented the African-American experience and its cultural icons
Walker Evans -
imagery of American society during the Great Depression
Lewis W. Hine - worked to expose the tragedy of child labor in the United States
Walter Iooss
- a world renowned sports photographer that worked for Sports Illustrated for many years
William Klein - New York street photography in the mid-fifties
Dorothea Lang
- portraits of people during the depression
Jacques-Henri Lartigue - France before World War I
Arnold Newman - One of the greatest portrait-makers in the history of photography
Gordon Parks - produced portraits of black political figures and social change in the fifties and sixties
Herb Ritts - famous for portraits of famous people
Alfred Stieglitz
- helped photography become recognized as an art form

Presentation guidelines for Advanced students (second time students only):
Prepare a 10-15 minute presentation, which includes the following information:
  • A description of three or more professional photographers work that you find particularly intriguing
  • The PowerPoint presentation should include 12-16 images
  • Be prepared to identify and discuss the underlying ideas expressed by the work
  • Identify specific concepts, techniques and/or equipment, that led to success of the work

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