PowerPoint Presentation
for Mr. Zimmer's Photography Class

Choose one of the following artist, research their work, and prepare a short presentation (using Google slides, PowerPoint or any other presentation software). 

You will deliver the presentation online during class time.  Mr. Zimmer will provide detailed instructions on how to use Zoom to deliver the presentation.  Click here to view Mr. Zimmer's YouTube video about how to create a slide presentation using Google Slides.

Please incorporate:

  • 6-10 images that best illustrate the artist's work
  • 8-12 slides
  • Significant names, dates and vocabulary
  • Significant information associated with each image (size, building method, firing technique)
  • Be sure to identify central themes (i.e. ideas) and concepts illustrated by the work

Photographers and possible topics:

Robert Frank - photographs that demonstrate our common humanity through images of various cultures eating, dancing, singing, etc.
Henri Cartier-Bresson -
the father of the "decisive-moment" approach to photography
Paul Strand - pioneer of straight photography
Annie Leibovitz - portraits of famous people (photographer for Rolling Stone and Vogue)
Edward Weston - produced magnificent pictures of primarily buildings and nature
The History of the SnapShot
Berenice Abbott
- architectural studies of New York City in the 1930s
Ansel Adams
- landscape photography
Diane Arbus - portraits of people outside the mainstream of society
Bill Brandt - surrealist and working class imagery, British, 1930-60
Harry Callahan - formalistic, minimalist portraits and landscapes
Roy DeCarava - documented the African-American experience and its cultural icons
Walker Evans -
imagery of American society during the Great Depression
Lewis W. Hine - worked to expose the tragedy of child labor in the United States
Walter Iooss
- a world renowned sports photographer that worked for Sports Illustrated for many years
William Klein - New York street photography in the mid-fifties
Dorothea Lang
- portraits of people during the depression
Jacques-Henri Lartigue - France before World War I
Arnold Newman - One of the greatest portrait-makers in the history of photography
Gordon Parks - produced portraits of black political figures and social change in the fifties and sixties
Herb Ritts - famous for portraits of famous people
Alfred Stieglitz
- helped photography become recognized as an art form

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