Photography Project #3

Lighting and extreme close-up

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Shoot a roll of black and white film (24 exp./ T-Max 100).  Illustrate your knowledge and successful manipulation of light and shade.  Produce three images in which lighting plays a central, key role, in the overall composition.  Consider direct and indirect lighting in addition to natural vs. artificial light.  We will discuss and view samples of dynamic shots that depend on different lighting effects.  

Produce another three images that illustrate effective use of extreme close-up to create a visually dynamic image.  Consider compositional elements such as variety, balance and movement.  Integrate themes and design principles discussed in the book Picture This.  We will discuss and view samples in class.

Produce six prints that involve essential lighting for maximum impact.

Natural light with soft shadow
creating a dynamic texture.

High contrast, natural, shadow.

Slow shutter speed, tripod, taken at night.

Contact sheet

Studio lighting and diffusion

Studio lighting and diffusion

Dramatic natural lighting

Silhouette (meter off sky)

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