Ceramics Project List

FYI -- Project sheet posted in the studio.  Click here for Advanced Ceramics project list.

Use your class-time constructively and stay up-to-date with all projects.

First marking period:

Project #1: Action vessel (hand-built / coil construction) / make it look like it's moving! Also, consider incorporating autobiographical elements -- updated pics coming soon!

Project #2: Cylinder -- wheel-thrown / 6"- 8" cylinder form / free form and interesting!  Be sure your piece has a base, body and clearly defined rim.  Consider making additional cylindrical piece on the wheel.
Project #3:  Bowl -- wheel-thrown / 8"-10" bowl  form / with a smooth interior curve
Project #4:  Plate / Platter -- wheel-thrown / 8"-10" plate form / consider applying multiple underglazes to the raw clay surface and perhaps etching through to the raw (white) clay color.
Project #5: Footed & lidded container - wheel thrown and/or handbuilt (any size) - consider altering the surface with texture!

Project #6: Thrown and assembled vessel -- create multiple forms (wheel and/or hand-built) and combine them to into a single (cohesive) form.  Examples will be discussed and viewed in class.

All students must select a presentation topic prior to the end of the first marking period (see: presentation topic list).

Extra projects are strongly encouraged, especially during spring-term for raku and salt firings.  Mr. Zimmer also offers students the opportunity to fire pieces in his gas (salt) kiln in Mystic, CT.  Check out pictures of the Mr. Zimmer's kiln in Mystic.  Additional pictures and updates coming soon!


Second marking period (note: multiple raku and low-fire salt firings occur during spring-term)
Project #1:  PowerPoint presentation -- 10-15 minute presentation.  Be sure to explain any new vocabulary and to have lots of pictures that illustrate ideas/concepts.  Suggest things to try and leave time for questions!
Project #2:  Emulation project -- select one or more of the artists discussed during class and construct a piece of your own that emulates (similar to) their work.
Project #3:  All work from first term must be glazed and submitted for a final grade

Project #4:  Create a vessel that will pour (spout and handle are a must!) -- use any building method

Project #5:  Raku project / use raku glazes on one of your pieces (does not have to be a new piece!).  Grade is based on inventive glazing and firing.
Project #6:  Extra large platter / inventive pattern (any building method) - integrate pattern and form, use under-glaze slip and/or multiple glazes to create pattern and texture to the surface
Project #7:  Pots-in-series project (two or more items that relate to one another).  Example: wheel-thrown or hand-built / dinnerware – plate, bowl, small plate and drinking vessel.  Consider constructing a tray-like shape, which would frame or relate to the forms placed on the tray


End of the second marking period
Seniors (Spring semester only) are exempt from the following projects :

Project #6:  Large platter / inventive pattern (any building method) - under-glaze applied to wet clay

Project #7:  Wheel-thrown or hand-built / dinnerware – set of two or more of each form: plate, bowl, small plate and drinking vessel

Please note: Grades are available online at: http://www.eclassinfo.com/home.asp?id=zimmer


Advanced ceramics project list:

Project #1:  12+ thrown test tiles.  Be sure to create a hole in each tile so we can display results in the studio.  Suggestion: consider making many additional tiles and testing new combinations of glazes during the course of the semester.

Project #2:   Thrown and altered form

Project #3:   Thrown and assembled form

Project #4:  Artist emulation project.  Suggestion: consider making a series of pieces that relate in some way to another artist work or style of art (i.e. surrealism, cubism, abstract expressionism, etc.).

Additional projects will be announced soon.