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Choose one of the following artist, research their work, and prepare a short presentation (using Google slides, PowerPoint or any other presentation software). 

You will deliver the presentation online during class time.  Mr. Zimmer will provide detailed instructions on how to use Zoom to deliver the presentation.  Click here to view Mr. Zimmer's YouTube video about how to create a slide presentation using Google Slides.

Please incorporate:

  • 6-10 images that best illustrate the artist's work
  • 8-12 slides
  • Significant names, dates and vocabulary
  • Significant information associated with each image (size, building method, firing technique)
  • Be sure to identify central themes (i.e. ideas) and concepts illustrated by the work


  1. Tony Hepburn - ceramic sculptor
  2. Wayne Higby - artist and head of ceramics department a Alfred University -- Higby images
  3. Peter Voulkos - artist: created large sculptural vessels and pushed the traditional limitations of ceramics
  4. Rudy Autio - ceramic sculptor
  5. Viola Frey - ceramic sculptor
  6. Robert Turner - vessel maker from Alfred, NY
  7. Maria Martinez - historical: extraordinary American Indian artist that produced black pottery
  8. Ron Nagle - ceramic sculptor
  9. Richard Devore - vessel maker -- Devore images
  10. Robert Arneson - figurative ceramic sculpture
  11. Adrian Saxe - highly refined and elegant work (porcelain, raku, stoneware and other materials integrated together)
  12. Ken Ferguson - teacher and utilitarian vessel maker
  13. Paul Soldner - ceramic sculptor
  14. Betty Woodman - ceramic sculptor
  15. John Glick - contemporary artist and full-time potter - lives in Detroit, Michigan
  16. Andrea Gill - vessel maker from Alfred, NY
  17. Jeff Oestreich - contemporary artist - lives in St. Paul, Minnesota
  18. Val Cushing - utilitarian ceramic vessels, most intended for everyday use
  19. Shoji Hamada - historical: Japanese master potter
  20. Chris Gustin - contemporary artist -- makes large thrown and altered forms
  21. Chris Staley - contemporary artist -- makes large vessels (some have utilitarian function)
  22. Stephen De Staebler -- makes large ceramic sculpture inspired by the human figure and condition
  23. Ann Currier -- makes large modern handbuilt sculptures and is a professor emerita from Alfred University, NY
  24. Nick Joerling - contemporary artist - Penland, North Carolina and makes utilitarian ceramic vessels, his works possess an animated quality and derive influence from the human figure.  Highly recommended artist, one of Zimmer's personal favorites!

You are welcome to pick an artist of your own choice, BUT be sure to check the name with Mr. Zimmer BEFORE starting to put the presentation together.  Simply find work that you are intrigued by and then use Google to research artist's background and locate additional images.

Get started today!

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