Solarization Technique
(Darkroom special effect)
1.  Create a high contrast positive image by using a red filter setting of 200 (color enlargers) or a 5+ square acetate filter (black and white enlargers)
2.  Use 5 second intervals for the test print.  Be sure the f-stop on the enlarger is set to 2.8 (brightest light setting).
3.  Put the print in the developer for 1 minute and then put the print in a tray (do not put the print in the stop and fix solutions).
4.  Reset the enlarger to 1 second and remove the contrast filter (red filter should be set to zero or the square acetate filter removed).
5.  Flash the print in the tray for 1 second with white light.
6.  Return the print to the developer for 1 minute (agitate continuously).
7.  Then place the print in the stop bath for 30 seconds.
8.  Then place the print in the fixer for 4 minutes (preview after 1 minute and then soak for 3 additional minutes).
9.  Determine the appropriate exposure and repeat the process to produce a finished print, not a test sheet.
10.  Leave the all prints in the water solution when finished.   

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