Print Developing Summary
Black and white processing.
(Sprint chemistry - 9:1 ratio)

Step 1 Developer:
Agitate continuously!   RC paper = 1 min.  Fiber = 2 min.
1 min. 
Step 2 Stop Bath:

     Agitate continuously!   

30 seconds
Step 3 Fixer:

    1 min. (preview) then 3 additional minutes if
      you decide to keep the print.

1 min. then
3 additional minutes after preview in white light
Step 4 Water Wash:

  Prints should be rinsed in water for approximately
  3 min./ feel free to leave your prints in the water at the
  class.  Mr. Zimmer will squeegee them off at the end
  of day.

3 min. (min.)

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