Film Developing Summary

Black and white processing.
(Sprint chemistry - 9:1 ratio)

Step 1 Developer (be sure it's film developer not print!):

Develop for 7 1/2 minutes at ~68 degrees.  Agitate continuously for the first 30 seconds and then for 5 seconds every 30 seconds.  Tap the tank after each agitation procedure.
7 1/2 min. 
Step 2 Stop Bath:

   Agitate continuously!   

30 seconds
Step 3 Fixer:

5 minutes with the same agitation process as the developer (see step 1).

5 minutes

*T-MAX film particularly needs the entire 5 min.

Step 4 Water Rinse:

Fill and dump the canister with fresh water (~68 degrees)

1 minute
Step 5 Fixer Remover:

1 minute with agitation.

1 minute
Step 6 Water Wash:

5 minutes of water wash.   Please use the water wash unit located in the chemical storage room.

5 minutes
Step 7 Photo. Flo:

1 minute with NO AGITATION, then hang film to dry in the drying unit located in the hallway.

1 minute

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