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Drawing projects

Always strive to create unique and inventive drawings, go beyond the basics!  Consider making regular use the internet and the library for inspiration and to acquaint yourself with professional work.

FYI - spectacular samples of current student work coming soon!

First marking period:

Effort and cooperation during initial exercise will be evaluated, on a weekly basis, for credit (access Mr. Zimmer's grade-book online)

Simple line-drawing, with correct proportions, of a still-life (multiple configurations) -- view sample.

Vocabulary quiz / vocabulary list

Refined still-life drawing that dramatically depicts: 3D space, volume/mass and basic understanding of how light effects form -- view sample.

Large scale self-portrait drawing (working from photograph and imagination) -- view samples: figure #1, figure #2 and figure #3

Presentation topic (topic due only): select an artist from the list presented in class, or get an alternative artist approved by Mr. Zimmer.

Second marking period:

10 15 minute PowerPoint presentation delivered in class

Presentation test

Large scale drawing involving numbers and letters that appear to dramatically recede (pastel medium) -- view samples: pastel #1 and pastel #2.

Three views of the human figure (using mannequins); concentrate on achieving correct proportions -- view samples: figure #1 and figure #2.

Skeleton drawings (from a unique perspective / unconventional view) -- sample coming soon.

Watercolor project (human figure and art history inspired background) -- view sample.

Produce a refined drawing, involving the two plaster head still-life, presented in class -- view sample.

(If time allows / optional extra project) Create a dramatic (large scale) drawing that prominently features a dramatically lit human figure.

Additional drawings and work is strongly encouraged.

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