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The following course description and projects are associated with a course,
Advanced Photography, taught by Mr. Zimmer.

Advanced Photography:

It is time to focus on themes and underlying ideas behind your mages!  The central goal for advanced work is to produce an expressive body of work that demonstrates superior technical skill and a unique personal quality  Developing an initial game-plan  is essential in order to deal with special equipment, lighting and/or travel arrangements. 

Use ANY equipment you want (film and/or digital).  Please be sure to focus special attention on achieving dynamic compositions and superior overall craftsmanship.  Be sure to check out the new (large-format) printer in the media center.  The printer offers a wide range of new possibilities!

FYI -- As much as possible, we will emulate the real-life experience of a professional photographer.  Consider approaching each assignment as if it were a job or task that you were hired to do.


  • Identify at least THREE artists (working in photography OR not) that you find particularly intriguing.  Acquaint yourself with the underlying themes and ideas contained in the work.  Print at least one example of each artistís work and bring the images to class within the FIRST of the semester.

  • Produce six images that illustrate, or advocate, a special cause or event.  Strive for a unique perspective on perhaps a common topic (examples: diversity, youth athletics, fitness, school spirit, environmental awareness, brotherhood, spirituality, etc.).

  • Produce six images that dynamically involve the human figure in as expressive a way as possible (consider trying to depict specific emotions: joy, peace, harmony, love, anger, rage, etc.  Also consider depicting broader themes such as: brotherhood, parenting, mentoring, teaching, friendship, pride, determination, etc.

  • Produce six images that depict alternative environments (woods, city, under-water, rain-storm, inside a car during a rainstorm, inside a factory, etc.

  • Produce six images that emulate one or more of your primary (artist) influences.  Seek to emulate, not directly copy, the artist.  Feel free adapt or modify their theme to your own.

  • Produce six images that rely on color in an 'essential' way (plan to print digitally).

  • EXTRA projects are strongly encouraged!


Assorted notes:

Possible quick field-trips during lunch (optional).


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