Artist Statement
Final photography project (theme series)

     I decided to focus on rejection and the emotions that accompany it: shame, loneliness, despair, individualism.  People react in different ways to it: some people face it head on, with out flinching, and let it inspire them to achieve greater things; some people break down; some reach out, drenched in a feeling of uncleanness and nakedness for exposing themselves.  Certainly, rejection is something we all face, regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, any superficial difference, and it is how we deal with it that is most important.  I meant to capture those reactions and emotions in my photographs because I think there is a certain poise and grace in the way people deal with shame, despair, dishonor, difference.  Rejection, unfortunately, is truly something I think that everybody can identify with; even though it is personal in its effects, it is most definitely something of a universal theme and understanding.

Image gallery:

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