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Ceramics projects
(for Mr. Zimmer's ceramics students)

Note to students: ALWAYS strive to create unique and inventive forms, go beyond the basics!  Consider making regular use the internet and the library in order to acquaint yourself with professional work.  Also consider sketching out ideas on paper before starting with actual clay.

First marking period:

8 10 inch cylindrical form (wheel thrown)

8 10 inch bowl (any height is ok)

10 16 inch plate or platter (wheel thrown) -- see sample

Vocabulary quiz

1 thrown and altered object (wheel thrown) -- see sample         

1 thrown and assembled object (wheel thrown)

1 lidded container / with handle(s) and/or knob -- see sample

1 pouring vessel -- see sample

2 or more vessels (a set) with a well integrated handle -- see sample

Select a presentation topic from the list discussed, and posted, in the ceramics studio.  Be sure to put your name next to one of the topic, so that we end up with one presentation on each topic.

Second marking period:

Deliver a 10 15 minute PowerPoint presentation in class (choose from a select list of artist, or get an alternative artist approved from Mr. Zimmer).

Presentation test

Produce one or more vessels that imply a sense of movement (wheel or hand-built) -- see sample

Produce a piece of work directly influenced by another artist (consider works made in clay, glass and/or wood).  The title of this project is 'artist emulation.'

Produce a set of unconventional dinnerware.  The set should include a functional plate, bowl and drinking vessel (consider shapes other than standard circles and straight cylinders).

Produce a vessel, or series of vessels, that involve a pedestal base

Create a set of objects that fit together and can also be used independently

Create a stacked vessel form using parts created on the potter's wheel

Create a vessel that abstractly depicts an emotion (example: anger = spikes and sharp angle shapes, calm = smooth flowing textures and rounded shapes)

Produce six test tiles (glaze) that illustrate your favorite glaze combinations

Two raku fired projects (any shape or building method is ok) / project is for Spring-term only.  We will also experiment with the pit-firing process (see a sample made by Mr. Zimmer back in college)

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