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Ceramics projects
(for Mr. Zimmer's ceramics students)

Note to students: ALWAYS strive to create unique and inventive forms, go beyond the basics!  Consider making regular use the internet and the library in order to acquaint yourself with professional work.  Also consider sketching out ideas on paper before starting with actual clay.


Coil pot project

Slab pot project (cup with handle)

Wheel projects:

  • cylinder (6” size high minimum)
  •  bowl (6” size diameter)
  •  plate (6” size diameter)
  • Thrown and assembled project  (lidded or stacked forms)
  • Thrown and altered project

Create a pot with a handle (any size)

Animal sculpture project (real or imaginary)

Pouring vessel (vessel with spout / thrown or hand-built)

Emulation project

Free choice project (wheel or hand-built)

Raku project


Ceramics (advanced):

Create an 8"-10"+ cylindrical form using any building method, or methods

Design a series of forms that fit together visually or physically

Throw and assemble a piece that includes three or more initial parts

Create a project inspired by nature

Throw and alter a piece created on the potter’s wheel

Create a set (2 or more) that incorporates a pedestal base (ex. set of goblets etc.)

Revision project (refine a previous project and/or enhance it is some way)

Create ten glaze test tiles of your own combination

Wheel thrown and lidded container bowl form (casserole size)

Create a set of pots with handles

Create a project that involves three distinctive textures

Create an extra large platter (with or without a textured design)

Create a single set of dinnerware (plate, cup, bowl), MUST relate

Create a large lidded container

Create a project with that incorporated three distinct ‘zones’ – rim, body and foot

Create the largest piece you can with exactly four points of clay

Raku project

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