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Advanced Ceramics with Mr. Zimmer

New symbolNote: Sample images of each project coming soon!

Advanced students: Initially identify at least THREE artists (working in ceramics OR not) that you find particularly intriguing.  Please print at least one example of each artistís work and bring the sample images to class during the first two weeks of school.  Mr. Zimmer STRONGLY recommends sketching out project ideas before launching into the construction phase.  Mr. Zimmer also encourages advanced students to maintain a glaze-log.  By keeping track of ideas and glaze combination, students are able to build more complex forms and achieve consistent results.


Design a piece, or series of pieces, for a unique purpose (example of set of goblets, espresso set, chip/dip platter, or an object designed for a special ceremony (discuss the ceramic item I discovered at Starbucks).

Throw and assemble a piece that includes THREE or more initial parts (thrown and/or hand-built)

Throw and significantly alter a piece that was initially created on the potterís wheel.

Create a form that involves a pedestal or base of some kind (example: a goblet or a form with legs)

Design and produce a piece that is directly inspired by one or more of your influential artist (consult images submitted during the first week of school).

Create ten (glaze), well labeled test tiles (use pre-made tiles provided by Mr. Zimmer.  Please use new, as well as old combinations.  Letís create better tile board together!

Create ten texture tiles (glazed or not).  Create your own tiles with wet clay.  Be sure to put a hole in the tile so we can display all tiles on the wall.

Create at least ONE, medium size (not too small), lidded container.

Create a set (2 or more) of vessels with handles.  Consider making a tray or platform that compliments, or frames, the set.

Create a piece (utilitarian or not) that involves three or more distinct textures that appear to evolve in logical manner (examples will be discussed and presented in class).

Create an extra large platter that involves at least distinct texture and one applied design.

Produce a set of unconventional dinnerware.  The set should include a functional plate, bowl and drinking vessel (consider shapes other than standard circles and straight cylinders).

Be sure to glaze ANY two projects, of your choice, with raku glazes.  Raku and pit firings will occur in April and May.

EXTRA projects are strongly encouraged!

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